How to use Tumblr..


Alright ladies and gentlemen, I am down to 730 asks to answer. I am done for now and will continue later. Thanks for the love!

Hey! How do you submit something to someone's blog on the app? I clicked the little envelope in the top left corner, but it only shows "Ask a question" or "Send fanmail". I know that they have a separate submission button because I've submitted things to their blog on a desktop. Help??

If it doesn’t say “Submit” then that blogger has it set up so you can’t submit anything to them.

How do I comment on a post with a picture from iPhone?

you are not able to do so.

How do u reblog a post

You hit the reblog button on the bottom right of the post.

So Tumblr is basically just a website where you post things you enjoy or like? Like things that inspire you?


How can I check if someone has commented on a photo of mine? Will it specifically say who in my notification inbox? (On an iphone, I use the app most of the time) thank you!


It will say in your notifications.

I only ever use tumblr on my iPhone cos my laptops broken, I want to add links in my description but the HTML doesn't seem to work using my iPhone, do I have to log in on a laptop or can I do it on my phone somehow and how?


You have to do it on a computer usually.

How do you say something on a post?


You add text when you reblog.

Can u make more than one blog show up on ur app


What do you mean?

can you recommend anyone I should follow?