How to use Tumblr..

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How do I search for blogs while using tumblr on my iPhone


There’s a little magnifying glass at the bottom of the tumblr app, click on that and start searching.

Mar 6

How do you comment on a post without reblogging it?


You can’t.

Feb 9

On my secondary blog, it says I have one follower, but when i click to see who's following me, it does not show who the follower is. Is there a way I can find out?

I am actually having a similar problem with one of my other blogs. I can’t figure it out either.

Feb 9

I'm on my iPod. How do I change from 'untitled' to a username??

You can’t on your iPod

On most blogs, it says "+ Follow" at the top right corner. On certain blogs though, I have no clue how to follow them! Please help!

It should say follow somewhere on the page, just look around.

Can you customize your profile on the app for ipod/iphone


You cannot.

how do I comment on a post with my name being on the top?

See previous ask answer.

when you comment on a post how do you link your personal blog so others can see I was the one who commented?

It does that automatically.

How do you reply without reblogging on an iPhone?

Some posts you can’t reply to.